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Who We Are

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As God would apparently have us, we do not resemble the typical American congregation of the past 100 years.  Such as:  We do not have Bible study classes broken into age groups or grades. 

 Our pastor/teacher does not 'lecture sermons' - he teaches and invites questions and input from anyone in the room, Bible-study style.  He also teaches all the way through a book for a more comprehensive understanding of the Bible as a whole.  

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We bring songs of praise from our past and present and sometimes incorporate video. We share meals every Wednesday night and Sunday noon. We do not pass collection plates - we leave them on tables for tithes and offerings to be freely and joyfully given.

 We do not post numbers or running budget numbers as we have tried to follow a biblical model of responsible people taking care of the finances and not pressuring the congregation to 'donate'.

We serve communion every week, in order to remember the reason why we assemble and how we are to live. We have 'open communion' to all who call on His name and invite people to 'come and share' as opposed to 'wait and take'.

 We ask for people to offer their praises and thanksgivings to the Lord before any prayer requests are taken, because we have come to understand the first step in a true and healthy relationship to God is thankfulness. We may periodically observe a non-traditional holiday, such as 'All Saints Day'. We are not afraid to laugh, to cry, to have moments of silence, to have incredibly fun times, or to risk having a misstep trying to do better in glorifying the Lord.

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We are not bound by man-made traditions and yet we are not flippant about doing whatever we like. We do our best to remember that all we put our hands to is for His glory in His kingdom - that this building and all that is in it, including us, belong to Him; hence, the name, 'Christ's (possessive) Community Fellowship'.

We did not necessarily do this by any particular plan or design of man. Rather, we sought to follow the way God would lead us. We desire to keep growing in and under His direction with open hearts and Christ-like attitudes. We do this by seeking His will through the abundance of the Word He has given us.

We are coming up on our 15th year, and each year has been more incredible than the last. We can only anticipate what He is going to do next. You are most welcome to come be a part! We would love to serve with you in this 'little corner of His kingdom'.