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August 2018
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Approaching Dates

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Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are when we gather together to worship God, study His word, and fellowship together.

 Assembly Sunday morning begins at 10:00AM, starting with praise and worship through music, singing and the sharing in communion.  Pastor Sterling follows with the Bible study message.

 Assembly is followed by a pot-luck style meal, where we share and spend some time visiting with one another.

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Wednesday Nights

Wednesday evenings are a great time of fellowship and rejuvenation in the middle of the week. 

We gather together for a warm meal to share and participate in a study of the Word.  Supper is prepared ($4 per person), so you do not have to rush home between work, school, or whatever you have going on to participate in the Bible study.  Just come as you are to bless and be blessed.

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Holidays and Special Events

We love to celebrate together!  

Birthday Cake Sunday is the first Sunday of every month when we share delicious cake (and other goodies!) in celebration of each other’s birthdays. 

We schedule different  events around annual holidays each year for family and guests to share in.  Check below for upcoming dates and events.

Just Around The Corner

CCF July 4th Fish Fry Wednesday at Noon The event is sponsored by the church and we will be taking donations only for the meal. RSVP at 940-720-0028 to attend as we need an accurate head count for the food supply. Leave a message if no one answers and we will return your call.  

Out A Bit

Here is where we will give you a heads up about events further down the road. 

Check Back Soon!

Independence Day CCF Annual Fish Fry – July 4th

89.5  KMOC  Sharathon
Fish Fry – October

Trunk or Treat – October