This Is
The Sea Of Galilee

This Is
The Sea Of Galilee

Sail The Waves That Jesus Walked

Fellowship On The Shore

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The trip to the sea of Galilee began with sharing a meal of fish, not unlike the fish caught by fishermen like the Apostle Peter. After the fellowship and refreshment from the meal we were ready to begin the voyage on the sea of Galilee.

Friends & Fellowship

It Is I, Do Not Be Afraid

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These were the very waters that tossed  and buffeted the disciples boat in the middle of a storm. Then Jesus walks across the waters to them.
In Matthew 14: 22-33
We read that Jesus Christ said to His disciples “It is I, Do not be afraid”
When He says “It is I”
If you go back to the koine greek, He says Ἐγώ εἰμι, or Egō eimi which means “I am” He told them “I am, do not be afraid”

What a wonderful reassurance that He gives them in a time of distress. It was out on this sea that they were terrified that night. When the waves came up He approached them and they saw him. And He calmed the seas.

But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

The Sea

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The sea of Galilee the lowest fresh water lake in the world. It is 13 miles long and 8.1 miles wide.  At its deepest the sea is about 141 feet deep. Its warm waters have nurtured many species of fish which have supplied the local fishing industry for almost 2 millennia.

Exploring The Sea Of Galilee

Ancient Galilee Boat

In 1986 during a drought this fishing boat was found on the coast of the sea of Galilee by two brothers. It was coined the ‘Jesus boat’ and while it is highly unlikely Jesus stepped into this exact boat, it is an excellent example of the type of boat from that time period. Its pretty amazing when you consider the fact that this fishing boat was likely sailing the sea of Galilee during the time of Christ and yet it is still so intact and complete. 

Biblical Significance

The sea of Galilee plays an enormous role in the story of Christ many times. It was the sea where the disciples were catchers of fish before they were fishers of men. The sea holds the waters that Jesus walked on and the waves he calmed. On the shores of the sea of Galilee is where Jesus appeared to his disciples after the resurrection. 

Biblical References