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What To Expect

Sunday Mornings

Sunday is the time we have purposefully set aside to celebrate Jesus Christ and the kingdom in which He has made us a part.  Come as you are.  We strive to be same way – in or out of the building.  It’s all about Him!

Worship in song and music begins at 10:00am. We participate in open communion each week and invite all believers to share. The Word is presented in more of a “Bible study” type format. Video, handouts, and open questions and comments are utilized and encouraged. We study through an entire book / scroll / epistle at a time. Our goal is understanding His purpose for us and enriching our relationship with Him.

Sunday Bible Study

1 Corinthians; A Calling To Order In The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Apostle Paul writes a letter to the church he has planted in the city of Corinth. It is a response to questions and situations that he has been informed of concerning a plethora of issues that exist in the center of the body that meets there. In spite of the occasion and context of this letter written just shy of 2,000 years ago, the problems facing the contemporary church in America are directly addressed here. Some of the matters addressed are church discipline, divisive behavior, improper relationships, marriage, divorce, and remarriage, the actual application of the “grace gifts,” what true love actually is, the Lord’s Supper (communion), lawsuits against one another, the doctrine of the resurrection, sexual contact, and the apostolic authority of Paul.

Wednesday Nights

We gather together on Wednesday evening for a warm meal to share and a study in the Word. Supper is prepared so you do not have to rush home between work, school, or whatever you have going on to participate in the Bible study. Just come as you are to bless and be blessed.

We begin serving at 6:30pm. Bible study starts at 7:15pm. Please reserve your place (and for the number that will be in your party) for supper by Monday prior. This helps us to be accurate on how much to prepare and to keep costs frugal. You can call (940) 720-0028, email: ccfwf@ccfwf.org) or simply sign up on the sheet located in the foyer of the Great Room when you are here Sunday. Cost is $4.00 per person.

Wednesday Bible Study

The Book of Job

One of the most widely misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misapplied scrolls in the Scriptures, Job demonstrates the difficult issues in life that even the most devout to God can suffer, survive, and more importantly, emerge victorious. Through the worst of emotional, physical, psychological, relational, and even economic disasters that a person could encounter on earth, we learn that God has preserved for us the revelation of the depths of His relationship to man.

Come join us for a study that does not dodge the difficult questions, the hard experiences, and the reality gospel that exists well beyond what we can see in the unimaginable trials that come our way.

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